Bannon Declares War! There’s a Well-Funded Network to Primary Swamp Critters

Bannon Declares War! There’s a Well-Funded Network to Primary Swamp Critters

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Sean Hannity interviewed Steve Bannon on his show last evening and discussed the swamptastic Bob Corker, calling him “arrogant” and “an elitist snob”. Corker is representative of what President Trump is up against.

Bannon said, “The American people see right here. This is what they think about President Trump behind closed doors. He happened to tell the New York Times exactly what he thought.”

Bannon continued, “It’s totally unacceptable. In a time of war, we have troops in Afghanistan, in the northwest Pacific in Korea, we have a major problem that could be like World War l in the South China Sea, in the Persian Gulf. We have American lives at risk every day.” “He tweets on Sunday that it’s like the adult [day care] center and somebody didn’t have the morning shift. And then he has the audacity to go to the New York Times.”

A Republican going to the New York Times is a betrayal, especially to damage a Republican president. Corker’s also part of the establishment, a hater, who has accomplished nothing.

Bannon says, “McConnell and Corker and that entire clique, establishment globalist clique on Capitol Hill, have to go.”

“I’ve been told by people in the room, Ben Sasse, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Corker and even McConnell,” Hannity said, “they trash the President but yet they can’t get any of their promises completed….”

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