She Wanted To Make A Point

She Wanted To Make A Point

Marian Morreale, WWII veteran

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Political Clown Parade by Curmudgeon

A 94-year-old World War II veteran wearing a Buffalo Sabres jersey stood for the National Anthem this past Saturday.  Marian Morreale practiced how to stand for three months.  The Coast Guard veteran wanted to make a point.
“I think for these young athletes and the salaries they make, they should stand for the national anthem,” she said. “But I don’t think our president should use that word, SOB.”
Morreale said she harbors no hard feelings toward the professional football players who are taking a knee when the National Anthem is sung, but says the anthem is too sacred to become a forum for political statements[…]

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Tip of the iceberg: While others courtesy of the liberties afforded to individuals in our great country may have the right to protest our national anthem and great flag, left out of the argument is that these privileged goons are on the clock when proclaiming their disdain for our nation.



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