Professor Williams Says Guns Aren’t the Problem, Progressives Are

Professor Williams Says Guns Aren’t the Problem, Progressives Are

George Mason Professor Walter E. Williams asks the question of whether guns are the problem in an article on his blog. Beginning with the history of guns in America and ending with the Progressive mentality, the professor believes he has the answer.

Professor Walter E. Williams

In the early 1900s guns were readily available for people of all ages. Boy Scout’s were given merit badges for marksmanship. In the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s, catalogs were full of gun ads aimed at children and parents. Many catalogs didn’t even request the age of the buyer. You can read the details on his blog.

My university, St. John’s, had a gun range and club which they had to abandon in the late 1960s because the leftists badgered them into it though there had never been a negative incident of any kind.

Professor Williams asks, “why…when a person could just walk into a store or order a gun through the mail, when there were no FBI background checks, no waiting periods, no licensing requirements — was there not the frequency and kind of gun violence that we sometimes see today, when access to guns is more restricted?”

What is different now? Guns don’t operate on their own. If they did, the left would have the answers[…]

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