Why Did Feminist, Ashley Judd Put Up With Harvey Weinstein? (This Is Why Feminists Are A JOKE!)

Why Did Feminist, Ashley Judd Put Up With Harvey Weinstein? (This Is Why Feminists Are A JOKE!)

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Why Did Feminist, Ashley Judd Put Up With Harvey Weistein? (This Is Why Feminists Are A JOKE!)

Democrat donor and Clinton supporter, Harvey Weinstein, is a sexual predator. Shocking..? NOT.


Ashley Judd is a feminist and a Pinko.  

She wants women to be feminists. She pushes feminism all the time.  Why does this bimbo not get that women who are wise just can’t take her serious?  

When I was 22 years old, I stood up to my boss who was harassing me, sexually and very aggressively.  My boss worked with his father. I first told his father, then his sisters what he was doing.   I had to work with that boss and he made my life a living hell.   He pushed me out of my job but I retained my dignity.  Later, his restaurant was closed down for sexual harassment, the town shamed him.  Actually a few women turned the restaurant in.

So, is Hollywood a place that only allows kiss ass Leftists in? Like Ashley Judd?  Is it any wonder now why there is so little talent in the dump known as Hollywood?  Why did Judd not tackle this straight-away?  The answer is that ‘making it big’ was first before her  personal dignity, womanhood & feminism[…]

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  1. Because she’s a ” NAAAAAAAAASTY Woman.”

    1. Hi there Bob,

      Indeed, Ashley Judd is a ” NAAAAAAAAASTY Woman.” What a horrible, HORRIBLE person in spite of what she may have gone through in her life.

      1. Hi, D. Yes, it’s the same old story. Go around fingerpointing at made-up transgressions and micro-aggressions , thus belittling real sins, and providing cover for the rotten apples.

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