Trump on the road to eliminating Obama job-killing EPA regs

Trump on the road to eliminating Obama job-killing EPA regs

Source: Pixabay.

H/t Kenny Solomon

Ask any environmentalist or believer in man-made global warming what the picture at the right is, and they will without hesitation insist it is “pollution.”

Never mind that it is actually a nuclear power plant, and those are the cooling towers. And what is emanating from them is mostly steam with a small amount of particulate. Trust me, they won’t believe you.

The man-made global warming scam has gotten to the point where it is destroying lives, jobs and livelihoods, while making a few creators and their propagators of the myth extremely wealthy.

But now much of the rot and destruction caused by the Obama administration is coming to an end under the Trump administration. In 2015 President Obama’s EPA under Gina McCarthy put into place the most outrageous and expensive regulations ever. The Clean Power Plan, which supposedly was designed to lower power plant emissions by at least 32% of 2005 emissions by 2030. A regulation which assuredly would have put the final nail in the coffin to the coal industry[…]

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