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Have you figured out that Senate Majority “Leader” Mitch McConnell (who has never had a real job) and House Speaker Paul Ryan (who has never had a real job, unless you count Wienermobile driver as a real job) and all of their supporters in the Senate and House have no intention to help President Trump repeal Obamacare, seal our borders, stop the influx of fundamentalist Islamist terrorists into our country, and achieve tax reform and positive changes to our bad trade agreements, etc.?

If you have, would you like to “do something” – concretely — to help get them out of their gavel-holding positions in the Senate and House – because those who hold those gavels control what gets voted on?

There is something that you can do, but it involves about three hours a month (if that) and definitely about three hours a month at the time of the primary elections in your state and then, again, before the general election.  If you are willing to consider investing that much time and effort to change the direction of this country, please read on.  If not, please do not bother reading further.

Steve Bannon, the night of Judge Roy Moore’s landslide victory in the runoff election in Alabama against the McConnell/Ryan/GOP Establishment cabal supporting appointed incumbent Luther Strange, referred to the fact that the $30 million spent by the cabal was no match for the “muscle” of the grassroots conservatives who actually turned out to vote for Judge Moore.  Judge Moore only had about $2 million to the $30 million wasted against him.  What carried the day for Judge Moore?



Conservative voters who turned out to vote for the real conservative in the race.  Want to be part of that “muscle” for President Trump and his Make America Great Again agenda?  Of course you do[…]

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