Oh New York City, the town in which I was born and once loved, thou art truly wretched.

Source: Tony Hernandez Mena/Cubano Soy.

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This is an update on a scandalous story we featured some months ago.

Holly Block,  executive director of the Bronx Museum, decided to spend a huge chunk of her museum’s funds to create a replica of the Jose Marti statue in New York’s Central Park and to send it as a gift to the criminal Castro regime.

Ms. Block seems to have a very soft spot in her heart for Castro, Inc. and has involved her museum in highly questionable Castro-friendly ventures.

Some of the museum’s governing executives resigned in protest of the outlandish misuse of funds for the Marti statue replica, to no avail.

The donations kept coming in from New York’s many leftist Castrophiles and Ms. Block’s horrendously offensive and unethical project pushed ahead, full steam.

Now the statue is finished and on its way to Castrogonia.

Never mind the fact that the Bronx Museum is supposed to serve one of the poorest communities in New York City, in which very few Cubans live.

Imagine what that 2.5 million dollars could accomplish there, if distributed to the needy[…]

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As true to form, Communists ignore those who suffer under the ideology.

The median income for 10456, the zip code of the Bronx Museum is: $20754 per annum which relates to 78.80% of the people living in that community, i.e., 15th District. Jose E. Serrano, swamp critter is Congressman for the 15th District and before that, he represented NY 16th District (1993 – 2013) and NY 18th District (1990 – 1993).

Ninety percent of the students living in the 15th District qualify for free or reduced public school lunch.  School performance is below average* so it seems to me that the money doled out to replicate the statue of Jose Marti could have been better spent but then ignoring the suffering of poor is what Communism is all about.  Their interests are of no concern. [Source: Zip Data Maps]

The Cuban government saw no need to reciprocate pursuant to a January 2017 NYT article:  Bronx Museum Won’t Get Loan of Art From Cuba.


*August 2017 unemployment rate for the Bronx is 6.9% but that does not include the underemployed, illegal aliens or those on the government dole and fuzzy math.



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