Hillary Clinton’s PAC Donated $800,000 to Rent-a-Thugs Including Antifa

Hillary Clinton’s PAC Donated $800,000 to Rent-a-Thugs Including Antifa

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As Hillary goes from media outlet to media outlet re-writing her autobiography, she has sent $800,000 in campaign donations to the most violent rent-a-thugs, including Antifa, or at least Antifa organizations won’t deny it.

Only one often violent group said they didn’t receive funding but they receive other support from Clinton.

In mid-August Hillary Clinton gave $800,000 from her campaign funds to the Trump resistance movement, which is what’s funding all of these rent-a-thugs. It’s a left-wing movement and it’s all organized.

She is funding hard-left groups who send paid agitators to town halls of Republican candidates, some of which grew very violent, and she is doing it through a new PAC, Onward Together.

The Daily Caller News Foundation recently reached out to five Antifa-linked groups and only one denied receiving donations from Onward Together. The Soros-linked ‘Indivisible’ group denied receiving any money.

However, the spokesperson for the group said Hillary’s PAC has “been amplifying and highlighting our work through their digital networks,” which she explained has consisted of “retweeting [Indivisible], and they’ve highlighted our work via their emails to their list too”[…]

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