Black Trump Supporter says This about “White Guilt”

Black Trump Supporter says This about “White Guilt”

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What exactly did CNN’s Ryan Robles expect a Black American Trump supporter to say when he posed a question to the man at a “pro-Trump rally” about “white guilt?”

A recent interview conducted on CNN had some revealing and honest information presented from the perspective of a black Trump supporter.

CNN’s Ryan Nobles was  at a Pro-Trump rally that was headlined mostly by minority Trump supporters. The rally was called the “Mother of All Rallies” and was held in Washington, D.C.

While the event’s main purpose was to highlight the diverse background of President Trump’s many supporters, Nobles tried to make it sound as if the organizers were somehow hostile to “people of diverse perspectives.” As rally organizer Diante Johnson soon explained, that assumption just isn’t so. In fact, the rally was a response to the media’s hostility to Trump supporters and to the President himself.

One of the most interesting moments in the discussion though comes when Johnson offers his perspective on “white guilt.”

Diante Johnson: “It’s important for me to be here because I stand for unity. As the president of Black Conservative Federation, of course I need to come here, but also I like to see these things[…]

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Adding to all of the above, the very fact that Robles asked a Black man about “white guilt” in the midst of a “pro-Trump” rally is biased and shameful, the intent of which was to create news where there is none. The shame of it all is the desire to perpetuate a racist narrative where there is not but then should we surprised? The Communist media complex is racist and manipulative.



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