Trump’s Right Again! FBI, DoJ Wiretapped Paul Manafort, Possibly Illegally

Trump’s Right Again! FBI, DoJ Wiretapped Paul Manafort, Possibly Illegally

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According to CNN and other media, Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, was wiretapped at a time he was working with or talking to Trump. The media and Obama administration told us we were crazy and Trump was crazy for saying he was wiretapped, but if Trump or his campaign were caught up in this, that would look very deceitful.

President Trump tweeted on March 4th of this year that Obama was wiretapping him and was roundly condemned for it. He might not have been directly wiretapped but Manafort lived in and still lives in Trump Tower which Trump had said was wiretapped.

Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort was, according to CNN, a target of continual investigations.

Some appeared to have lacked evidence. The spying on Manafort involved top DOJ and FBI officials in 2016 but, ironically, Hillary was the subject of a fake Investigation.

There were two FISA wiretaps and the second wiretap may be connected to the discredited Russia dossier which puts the legality of the second wiretap in question. We don’t know yet[…]

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