Columbia U Students Vote against Gender Inclusive Bathrooms on Dorm Floors

Columbia U Students Vote against Gender Inclusive Bathrooms on Dorm Floors

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How not politically correct are the students at Columbia University? Surpised? So am I along with those pushing an agenda they thought was in the bag.


LGBTQ students attending Columbia are angry that students voted against dorm-floor “gender inclusive” restrooms.

Campus Reform by Toni Airaksinen


Students living in at least five of the elite school’s residence halls voted floor-by-floor to determine whether their male- and female-designed restrooms would be made “gender inclusive,” a practice made possible under a new Columbia University Residence Life Policy.

According to The Columbia Spectator, the new policy mandates that the implementation of gender-neutral bathrooms be decided upon by a “majority vote” among residents within at least five of the the university’s dorms.

While the results of the voting are not public information, at least one floor in Columbia’s Broadway Dorm voted against the gender-neutral bathrooms….

Krish Bhatt, president of the Columbia Queer Alliance, slammed the new policy as one that privileges the voices of “cisgender” students[…]

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Typical Progressive response, blame “cisgender” students,possible lack of attendance at voting for the bathrooms and those darned Republicans.

Source: Orig. photo from Pixabay.


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