Netflix’s ‘Narcos’ Producer Murdered in Mexico

Netflix’s ‘Narcos’ Producer Murdered in Mexico

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Carlos Muñoz Portal, a location manager working for Netflix series “Narcos” was killed while scouting for a location in Mexico.  Portal’s corpse was found in his vehicle on an unnamed road San Bartolo Actopan, in the municipality of Temascalapa with multiple gunshot wounds.  This is drug cartel territory. [Netflix sent this guy out there by himself or what?  Are they nuts?]

As always, there are no witnesses.

Breitbart Texas by Ildefonso Ortiz

Organized crime members are believed to be responsible for the murder in Mexico of a producer for the Netflix series, Narcos. The producer traveled to Mexico to search for shooting locations for the upcoming season. The fourth season of the show is reported to provide an inside look at the rise of Mexican drug cartels.

Carlos Muñoz Portal traveled to that country to search for shooting locations in the state of Mexico which is located near the border with Hidalgo. Officials found his body was found inside his vehicle in the town of San Bartolo Actopan, Infobae reported. The film company issued a short statement acknowledging the filmmaker’s passing — claiming that the case was still under investigation.

The Narcos series provides a dramatized version of the historical events dealing with the drug cartels and criminal organizations responsible for most of the violence in Central and South America,  and most recently in Mexico[…]

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