Sanders in 1987 Knew Medicare for All Would Bankrupt the Nation, Now He Doesn’t Care

Sanders in 1987 Knew Medicare for All Would Bankrupt the Nation, Now He Doesn’t Care

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The most popular Democratic presidential candidate for 2020, out of 15 top contenders, according to the Washington Post, is a surprising pick.

The number one choice is an old red diaper baby, Bernie Sanders. He is a year older than Joe Biden who is number two. Sanders is planning to run. The big problem for him is the federal investigation into a land deal pursued by his wife, which appears to be no small nuisance, WaPo writes.

Bernie’s big selling point for the radically committed and hopelessly unaware is to sell his completely unaffordable Medicare for All or Single Payer. He presented his plan this week without showing how he would ever pay for it. While he’s promoting it now, he was a bit more honest in 1987.

If everyone had Medicare, we would be spending such an astronomical amount of money, we’d go bankrupt, Bernie Sanders said in 1987.

“You want to guarantee that all people have access to health care as you do in Canada,” Sanders said[…]

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