Hurricanes Trump and Irma

Hurricanes Trump and Irma

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Ran across this article over at American Thinker which covers all that is on the minds of Americans this morning. Enjoy.

American Thinker by Clarence Feldman

As I write this, Hurricane Irma is edging ever closer to Florida, where what was probably the largest evacuation in U.S. history has taken place. In Washington, the President has tipped over the Republican establishment’s misplayed chessboard and once it’s set up properly the game will be played to his advantage and ours.

Hurricane Irma

In my opinion, the best visuals on tracking Hurricane Irma (and its follow-on Hurricane Jose) is a site called It looks like Cuba is now getting smashed as the eye lingers over mid-island, and it seems to be traveling west, so Southern Florida may be spared the worst of it. As was the case in Houston we see the value of sound executive skills on the part of the President, the governor, mayors, FEMA, the National Guard, the police, the rescue teams, the highway and electrical workers, the military, and hundreds of volunteers. Latest estimates show about 1.7 million people were evacuated in orderly fashion. Oil tanker trucks streamed south to facilitate movement of citizens north. (Let’s hear it for those who oppose the idea that we should give up private transportation and let the government move us around. Compare the sight of cars and trucks with the submerged school buses in New Orleans’ disastrous failure of political responsibility during Katrina.) Those who chose to stay were warned well in advance to prepare, and shelters were ready and well publicized for those who needed it. Family and friends sheltered people in Alabama and camp sites were set up for those who were unable to find shelter there[…]

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