FEMA looking for help

FEMA looking for help

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From Hurricane Harvey to Hurricane Irma touching down Friday in Florida and then Hurricane Jose upgraded a few hours ago to a Category 4, the devastation left behind so far is just the beginning.

FEMA is recruiting for assistance in “response and recovery efforts.”


*On behalf of the Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s Director, Glen

As you are all very much aware, our Nation has sustained severe flooding
and damage as a result of Hurricane Harvey, and we are anticipating major
impacts from Hurricanes Irma and possibly Jose. This is the peak of the
hurricane season and it is far from over; to this end, we are reaching out
to you to help in response and recovery efforts.  FEMA is looking to
recruit personnel, with an expected deployment of 30 days, in the following

*Program Area*: Skillset Required

*Individual Assistance: *Survivor outreach and communication, case

*Logistics: *Load and unload trucks; coordinate and deliver resources;
track inventory

*IT: *Establish connectivity for facilities; install, track, and manage
equipment; configure communications equipment

*Disaster Survivor Assistance: *Engage directly with survivors; demonstrate
understanding of available programs; case management

*Hazard Mitigation: *Floodplain management, mitigation strategies for the
built environment, flood insurance, FEMA’s grant programs and authorities

*Disaster Emergency Communications: *Set up, operation, and shut down of
communications vehicles; installation of voice and data cables; knowledge
of radio protocols

*External Affairs: *Communications, Congressional and intergovernmental
affairs, media analysis, media relations, tribal affairs, private sector

*Environmental and Historic Preservation: *Knowledge of environmental,
historic, and floodplain management processes and regulations

*Human Resources: *Human resources specialists and managers

*Finance: *Travel arrangements and budget controls

*Acquisitions: *Contracting officers, purchasing specialists, and
procurement specialists

If you are available to serve in one or more of these areas, please send
your résumé to FEMA-CAREERS@fema.dhs.gov, and please put “Higher Ed” in the
subject line.  Feel free to also share this request throughout your
networks.  This is a great opportunity to serve the Nation and support our
survivors in this time of need.

Heather Issvoran
Director, Strategic Communications
Contract Support for The Center for Homeland Defense and Security
Cell: 831.402.4672 <(831)%20402-4672>
1 University Circle, Building 220, Room 064
Monterey, CA 93943



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