As expected: Progressives plot to deceive on tax reform.

As expected: Progressives plot to deceive on tax reform.

It is tax reform season along with the plot by obstructionists thwart President Donald Trump’s efforts.

Surprised? Don’t be.  The Communist media complex, Marxist bureaucrats, pundits will provide obstructionists enough cover to once again deceive the stupid America voter[s].

Canada Free Press

A Republican president begins his push for significant tax reform, and the Democrats draw the usual misleading and deceptive battle lines.

  • No tax cuts for the rich (class warfare)
  • No tax cuts for the top 1 percent (class warfare)
  • No tax cuts for billionaires (class warfare)
  • No tax cuts for greedy corporations (just plain stupid)
  • No tax cuts on repatriated business profits (unless we Dems get our share)
  • No tax code simplification (makes too many of our bloodsuckers angry)
  • Tax cuts for the middle class (a few crumbs and claim victory)
  • Trickle down economics don’t work (a flat out lie)
  • Tax cuts will explode the deficit (another lie)

The Democrats’ talking points never change, because they know they have a gullible voting base[…]

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