Walking Out Of Public School And Into Classical Education

Walking Out Of Public School And Into Classical Education

If you have kids in the public school, by now you’ve had a week or two to get the feel of this year’s convoluted landscape. You’ve probably been asked for fork over money for device insurance. You’ve tried (with varying degrees of success) to opt your child out of statewide testing next spring by following your district’ opt out policy, if you’re lucky enough to have one. You’ve seen the textbooks or the worrying lack of them. You’ve been hit with the pile of official forms that are asking for more and more personal data about your child and your family. Perhaps you’ve even seen the first couple of homework assignments and they have you smacking your forehead in disbelief. What is a parent to do?

Parents in St. Louis and Kansas City have the option of choosing a charter school, but charters are not yet allowed in other parts of the state. If you live somewhere else besides these two cities you have a choice between homeschooling and private school. If both parents work, a private school may be your only option. But is there reason to be optimistic if you choose to go private? There is if you are looking at a classical school.

In Naples Florida a Hillsdale Charter school offered students a classical education. For those who aren’t familiar, a classical school is, as their website describes, “language-focused where learning is accomplished through written and spoken words versus images such as videos and television[…]

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