<span style="font-size: 8pt;">101st Airborne at Little Rock Central High School Source: <a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:101st_Airborne_at_Little_Rock_Central_High.jpg">Wikimedia</a></span>
Little Rock Nine Arkansas Central High School – 101st Airborne at Little Rock Central High Source: Wikimedia

A Patriot’s Prayer Rally has been scheduled for Aug 26 in a park near Golden Gate Bridge. (Jonathan Turley discusses the legal side.) Nancy Pelosi has called for the permits to be revoked, calling this a “white supremacist” rally, even though only 1 of the 5 lead organizers and speakers are white. What Nancy is really doing is sounding the dog whistle for West Coast Antifa mobs to descend on the park and break up the prayers, and a few heads. Of course, expect California police to stand by at a safe distance and watch since that’s all they’ve eve done at other California venues-for-violence.

In 1957 Ike called up the 101st Airborne and federalized National Guard to escort a little black girl into a school in Little Rock. In 1962 and 63, JFK federalized the Guard to insure James Meredith could enter the University of Mississippi and to move George Wallace away from the doors of the University of Alabama denying two other blacks entrance. Both Ike and JFK predicated their decisions on keeping the peace, protecting the innocent and preventing anarchy. Oh, James Meredith is a lifelong Republican. And those governors? All Democrats, direct descendants of the founding of the Democrat Party in 1824, to protect slavery as an institutional pillar of the party’s power, leading to an inevitable war.

Some say that this is what the Democrat’s are hoping to bury along with all those confederate statues of officer, that they were all Democrats.

Q: Should Donald Trump federalize troops in California? Will they oblige? Sounds good to me.


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