Steve Bannon Is Gone, Newt Warns Trump to Make “Serious Changes”

Steve Bannon Is Gone, Newt Warns Trump to Make “Serious Changes”

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Steve Bannon, President Trump’s most controversial White House staffer unfairly accused of having ties to the white nationalist movement, has been removed from the Trump administration, according to The Drudge Report.

Bannon said he quit. He told Sarah Carter of Circa News that he resigned two weeks ago, but the NY Times said yesterday Trump was considering firing him. Friday is his last day.

In any case, the MSM will do their best to exploit him in the hopes he will demonize President Trump. There will be book deals, invitations to MSNBC, CNN, CBS.

Trump’s “both sides” argument regarding the rally violence was reportedly championed by Bannon, but who knows.

Bannon might return to Breitbart.

The left is currently demonizing the President and calling him a puppet of Bannon’s. Bannon of course is being portrayed as a Neo-Nazi[…]

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