Wes Bellamy Resigns over His Racist Tweets, Remains as Charlottesville Vice Mayor

Wes Bellamy Resigns over His Racist Tweets, Remains as Charlottesville Vice Mayor

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Wes Bellamy resigned from his teaching position with the Albermarle School District over his past vulgar and racist tweets. He has been on administrative leave. They seem glad to see him go, complimenting his decision.

The anti-Trump activist, who calls the President ’45’, will remain on, racism or not, as Vice Mayor, to influence the community in a more significant role.

Bellamy influenced Charlottesville in his role as Vice Mayor by illegally rescinding the permit for the ‘Unite the Right’ rally, a widely repudiated group. Despite being repudiated, they have a legal, First Amendment right to rally. They went to court with the ACLU supporting them and got their permit back.

The police stood down during the rally. Someone told them to do that. They didn’t do it on their own though the Chief claims they did not stand down.

To get an idea of how he influences Charlottesville, you can listen to him on the video below. Bellamy talks about the rally and Charlottesville’s backing of equity in the video below.

And in the midst of all of this, we also got an equity package passed, which I presented in January, before we had our first vote—and it was unanimously passed—which gave us $950,000 to our African American Heritage Center, $250,000 to build onto one of the parks in the local African-American community…it was about $4 million, basically, from funding, put specifically into marginalized communities to help bridge the gap and create equity[…]

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