VIDEO: Alt-Left Pulls Down Minnesota County Flag, Hoists Antifa Flag

VIDEO: Alt-Left Pulls Down Minnesota County Flag, Hoists Antifa Flag

I have not heard one word about Antifa hoisting a flag outside a jail in Minneapolis from the Communist media complex including Fox News because they’re too busy pitching boulders and poison arrows at President Donald Trump and Trump supporters while pushing the meme that only white people voted for the President.


Video out of Hennepin County, Minnesota, shows far left activists cheering as they hoist an Antifa flag in place of the county flag.

Antifa protesters convened outside the Hennepin County jail in downtown Minneapolis Monday evening protesting the weekend’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia…

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This is Barack Obama’s legacy for which he will be proud to take credit if his Communist foot soldiers are permitted to succeed.

It’s time to start throwing these jerks in prison without bail.

H/t Right Wing Conservative News Blog


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