Old Glory Is So….Old, Isn’t She?

Old Glory Is So….Old, Isn’t She?

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Title 4 U.S. Code – Section 1: Flag; stripes and stars on: The flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be fifty stars, white in a blue field.

“Robert E. Lee wasn’t a Nazi….. . That doesn’t change the fact that his statue is now associated with a campaign of racist violence ”

Source: National Parks Service

And that is the new standard, folks. His statue is “associated” with …..something some skinheads did. And this didn’t come out of the mouth of Tavis Smiley or the pen of Charles Blow, but from one Rich Lowry, managing editor of National Review, a one-time conservative publication.

And with each fake news cycle, with each coordinated operation, with every new false flag operation, the bobbleheads more enthusiastically agree that freedoms have to be modified, the landscape has to be changed. Huckleberry Finn has to be removed from the libraries, right Rich? And you know what? In addition to the Confederate flag, those KKK guys carry American flags at their rallies, too. So, using the principle of “association”……………… Oh, yeah. This thing’s got legs.

Mothball? They ain’t got time for no stinkin’ “mothballin’”.


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