Jake Spoon’s Law of the Crap Shoot in Charlottesville

Jake Spoon’s Law of the Crap Shoot in Charlottesville

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It’s a Law, Jake Spoon’s Law, that once you run with criminals everything else is a crap shoot. You may be hanging with your pals, taunting and trying to pick fights with people you hate, expecting maybe the occasional bag of feces or urine aimed at your head, and maybe even a bloody nose. Then suddenly, your leg is broken. And you’re in the hospital.

Or worse, you’re dead, packed into the back of an ambulance on a trip to the morgue, with not even a chance to say goodbye to your friends, or call Mom.

Boom. Just like that.

Who knew there would be a fool out there who hated even more than you hated, and who would run his car down the middle of the street running you down like a squirrel?

Think about it. Once you ride with haters, everything after that is a crap shoot.



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