#Charlottesville Aftermath: The TRUTH. Patriotic Protesters Were TURNED DOWN From Help. Bricks thrown At Them, ETC .

Here are some of the men that were at Charlottesville telling the truth about what happened.  Not what CNN Commies spoon-fed you, not what Pseudo Conservatives on FOX told you, not what the Marxists at MSNBC touted.  Those aforementioned would have us all believe that the Nazis lead this protest.  They didn’t. There are ALWAYS fringe elements in any protest.  But, it’s only ‘bad’ to have extremists when the ‘right’ does it.  It’s never wrong when the left shows up with their communists, Marxists, agitators, Pinkos, etc.  

These guys had bricks thrown at them, they were sprayed. They were turned down for ambulances.




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