I have been studying the Talmud from various sources including different books from my husband, David Ben Moshe‘s Library that his family have had for over 150 years, including Talmud prayer books.

Word has it that some Rabbi’s 2K years ago wrote horrible, demeaning things about Jesus and Mary, the mother of Jesus in the Babylonian Talmud volumes.  Is this true?  I really don’t know completely as of yet.  I have to weight this out with all sources and come to a conclusion.   However, I will offer this much:  The Talmud was written by man.  Man is not infallible.  Man makes mistakes.  All men are evil and sin. That means Jews as well as non-Jews. Nobody is perfect.  No one.

On Youtube, which White, National-Socialist traitors believe is censored on behalf of the Jews, you can find hundreds of thousands of videos saying that all Jews are parasites, a cancer, evil, the Talmud is satanic etc.  You are more than welcome to feast your hungry eyes.  I realize that mankind loves bad and does not seek out the good:  Mankind looks for the evil over the good at every turn.

 This is not a post about how evil the whole Talmud is.  Since there are hundreds of thousands of selective videos and posts written about the Talmud, I am offering the good.  *Yes*, I have come across some nasty Jewish people who have an insane hatred for all things Christian.   Yes, I have come across some nasty non-Jews who have a hatred for all things Jewish.   I really don’t care.  I love both right-minded, God-fearing Jews & level-headed, God-fearing Christians[…]

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