Late one night a while back, deputies showed up at the home of Don Hall, living Taberg, New York to confiscate his firearms under order because of a screw up by some bureaucratic imbecile who flagged the 70-year-old Vietnam vet as “mentally defective.”

It sounds very much like something the State of New York would do intentionally.

The Independent Citizen by Andrew McNealy

When he asked them why they were doing this, he was told by the police that they have never been a part of action where the other party did not know about why they were being targeted. Naturally, this caused Don much confusion and distress – and he pleaded with police that he was innocent of any crime.

He tried reasoning with the police and said that he was never treated for any mental diseases nor did he have any mental illness, but his guns were confiscated nevertheless.  Hall was simply told that he must have done something to trigger the SAFE – Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, this is when he decided to seek professional legal help[…]

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According to New York Upstate, a patient with the same name was flagged for a mental health issue and somehow the social security numbers got mixed up triggering the error.  It took several months for Hall’s guns to be returned to him as ordered back in April by Oneida County Judge Michael Dwyer.


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