It’s always fun to engage leftists about their impossible dreams

It’s always fun to engage leftists about their impossible dreams

Last week I spent three days on Bainbridge Island. A beautiful, mostly high-end tranquil progressive utopia off the coast of Seattle. Only accessible by ferry or to northern Washington on the north end by a short bridge.

Sauntering down a quaint little town there full of boutiques and places to eat and drink, I spotted a gentleman in his late twenties with long hair and a cap. And a tablet, stopping people to engage in conversation I was sure about some progressive cause he was involved with. So rubbing my hands together, I walked over and began speaking with him. As suspected he was a volunteer with Environment Washington. org and was out to change the world in a matter of a few years. Horrific global warming was one of his issues, as well as maleficent coal and oil and gas.

He began on a rant about President Trump slashing the EPA which he claimed would cause massive pollution in Puget Sound and everyone was going to die from poison water. I haven’t heard of anyone dying from poisoned water yet, even in Flint Michigan but there is no way you can convince these people otherwise[…]

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