Collusion to Convict

Collusion to Convict

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The following commentary speaks volumes.  In fact, it hits the nail on the head.  The plot to destroy President Donald J. Trump, if not personally then through those any weak links connected to the man.

The Conservative Depot

While convening an “impartial” Grand Jury in any investigation – especially one with so little credible evidence – is largely a procedural issue to request documents or solicit testimony, it is still a convenient political tool of public manipulation. Despite the remarkable feat Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have endured no such invasive inquiry, a thoroughly debunked meeting stemming from an admittedly fake dossier, fabricated by a known foreign political agitator colluding with a Russian lawyer (and former White House guest) who was previously and “coincidentally” awarded an emergency visa by the Obama administration, apparently now deserves the ominous specter of a Grand Jury to possibly indict Trump or his son for criminal misconduct. Yep, I concur, truly amazing. Of course I’m completely disregarding Mueller’s relationship with Comey – a clear conflict of interest with a personal friend and FBI colleague who already admitted leaking classified information – his shameless ploy to load this partisan inquisition with bloodthirsty Obama/Clinton cronies and his abusive attempt to expose all of Trump’s financial records and business ties over the past 25 years….

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