Canada Weighs Paying Docs Extra for Assisted Suicide

Canada Weighs Paying Docs Extra for Assisted Suicide

Several states including Washington, D.C. allow assisted suicide, one with a court ruling while other states are working on it.

Be careful what you wish for, America because the next shoe to drop will be “we’re the government, we’re just helping to move things along.  Besides, it’s your duty to die, so let us help you with that.”

Euthanasia is such a loaded word will “assisted suicide” coming in as an easy second so Canada has labeled it, “medical assistance in dying.”  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Physicians are  requesting a premium their “medical assistance in dying.”

Christian Headlines by John Stonestreet, Roberto Rivera

From the start, Eric Metaxas and I have said that our northern neighbors have placed their entire society on a slippery slope on which the “right to die” will eventually become the “duty to die”—just as it’s happened everywhere else.

Nothing in the past thirteen months suggests Canada will be an exception.

Elderly patients diagnosed with cancer are immediately asked if they wish to be euthanized; “ethicists” strongly urge that the organs of the euthanized not go to waste; and policy proposals to extend the “right to die” to “the mentally ill” are now being advanced.

Notwithstanding this parade of horribles, there’s one bit of good news: Many doctors who initially expressed a willingness to lend deadly so-called “medical assistance” have changed their minds. Unfortunately, the growing reticence of early practitioners to continue offering this lethal service is not because they now take the moral qualms seriously[…]

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