UAF And ANTIFA March With Extremists From’Muslim Defence League’ Supporting Grooming Gangs

UAF And ANTIFA March With Extremists From’Muslim Defence League’ Supporting Grooming Gangs

Truly nothing short of ignorance AND evil, brainless Antifa anti-fascists fascists (pro-Islam and anti-racists) have aligned themselves with the UK’s grooming gangs, i.e., Muslims who would rape, murder and maim their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters. [Note: Not familiar with the “grooming gangs,” see my post, BBC One Airs Three-Night TV Special of the Rochdale grooming gangs.

Kafir Crusaders

Communists from Unite Against Fascism, Stand Up To Racism and ANTIFA proudly marched alongside an Islamic extremist group called ‘Muslim Defence League’ in Rochdale. The  extreme far left and Muslim far right alliance shamelessly aiding and abetting Muslim paedophiles by counter protesting a march against Islamic grooming gangs abusing British schoolgirls in Rochdale.

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H/t Brittius.

Highly recommend Kafir Crusaders who has an archive of the insane inhumane acts committed in the UK by Muslim thugs against non-Muslims. Link here.

Suggested reading:  Islamic State Is Not Islamic, Sex Grooming Gangs, Sharia Sportswear One Month of Islam in Britain, June 2015 and UK Police Withheld Report about Pakistani Muslims Raping Hundreds of Young White Schoolgirls to Prevent ‘Racial’ Tensions



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