Report on Bill O’Reilly’s Big Plans for the Future

Report on Bill O’Reilly’s Big Plans for the Future

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Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are allegedly in talks about teaming up to join Sinclair Broadcasting. It might not happen, however, because there is reportedly some bad blood between them from their years at Fox, according to Gabriel Sherman, a fairly far-left contributor to MSNBC and an editor for New York Magazine.

Besides the lack of friendship between the two, Hannity isn’t in trouble at the moment and he’s pulling in some of the best ratings on Fox because of Trump’s tenure. Despite his popularity, there are rumors that once the Murdochs secure Sky News, Hannity is toast. James Murdoch reportedly wants Fox to become “more respectable” and more like CNN.

Gabriel Sherman is the well-connected journalist who foretold several of the events that began a transformation at Fox, including accusations against Ailes, reports of Ailes’ imminent departure, and the problems affecting O’Reilly and Bill Shine. Many believe the Murdochs talk directly to him. Sherman mentioned the possible new changes Sunday on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show and said O’Reilly is anxious to get back on air[…]

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