Democrats’ Biggest Donor Picks The Party’s Best Leader for 2020

Democrats’ Biggest Donor Picks The Party’s Best Leader for 2020

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Leftist environmentalist Tom Steyer hopes to steer the Democratic Party further left. The California hedge fund billionaire spent $95 million on the last election and holds a lot of clout. For those who were hoping the Democrats would move towards the center, this will be a disappointing recommendation from a leading member of the [hard-left] Resistance movement.

Bernie Sanders is his man and the Democrat Party is “blowing it” by not getting behind the Vermont Socialist, according to him.

“When people say Bernie is crazy, no. Bernie is talking about inequality. That is the burning issue in the United States,” he told Policy Mic during an interview this week.

That’s the message progressives like Steyer want you to think is the “burning issue”.

Bernie is crazy and Steyer is wrong. He’s an elite who wants full control of the American people.


While Steyer endorsed Hillary Clinton after the primaries, the crony capitalist is an ardent supporter of Bernie’s vision[…]

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