Republican-Led House Bill Declares Climate Change a National Security Threat

Republican-Led House Bill Declares Climate Change a National Security Threat


The good news is Republicans won the presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court. The bad news is Republicans are still Republicans. They refuse to take advantage of this golden opportunity to change the direction of the nation. A case in point is a defense policy bill approved on Friday declaring climate change a national security threat. 

It also demands rigorous oversight of the Pentagon’s cyber operations and rejects the Trump administration’s bid to close military bases.

The Republican-led House passed the $696 billion defense bill 344-81. But it might not go through since they first have to roll back the 2011 sequestration law and we all know they can’t get anything accomplished.

Also, Democrats will resist because they want to feed more wasted funds into other government agencies as a condition for the military spending.

The bill will likely end up as another spending bill which means no increases, no changes in the military. Therefore, the Pentagon won’t have the money they need to repair ships, planes and so on[…]

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