Morning Devotional – “The Rebellious Heart.”

Morning Devotional – “The Rebellious Heart.”

Three Iron Nails by Dr. Carl G. Chewning

Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them.- [ROMANS 1:24]

The words “God gave them over” are among the most frightening in all of scripture. When Paul uses them, he means that God eventually allows men to pursue their desires with no interference from Him. The rebellious heart becomes so seared by sin that God’s kindness and mercy can no longer be felt.

The Niagara River is somewhat placid upstream. But as the river moves toward the falls, there is fast, rough water, then white water, then the deadly rush toward the brink. Just imagine for a moment that four teenage boys are in a fishing boat. They’re way upstream on Niagara, and the boat is held by a strong rope. Holding the other end of that rope is God. As the boys drift downstream, God says, “Well, they’re young. I’ll just go with them, and let out a little more rope.” They continue to float with the current, and God gives them more rope. Holding the other end of that rope is God[…]

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