Government Sends Amish Farmer to Federal Pen for 6 Years Over Labels They Didn’t Like

Government Sends Amish Farmer to Federal Pen for 6 Years Over Labels They Didn’t Like

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Samuel Girod is a farmer of the “Old Order Amish community” and a father of twelve in Bath County, Kentucky.

Ricochet reports that the 57-year-old Girod was sentenced to six years in the federal pen for mislabeling herbal remedies.

The farmer first attracted the attention of the government for selling homemade herbal remedies when a woman complained.

To give you an idea of what is going on, one remedy was a salve of olive oil, beeswax, chickweed, and rosemary. It’s used for cuts, burns, and poison ivy.

A Missouri resident field a complaint about the language so the state health department demanded he change the label from ‘Healing Chickweed”. He renamed it “Original Chickweed”.

Another product called “To-Mor-Gone” containing bloodroot was “very good at removing tumors”. It’s a century’s old remedy to remove dead skin layers. The FDA said it was dangerous and went to his home to inspect[…]

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