CNN’s White House propagandist claims Trump delivered ‘white America’ speech in Warsaw.

CNN’s White House propagandist claims Trump delivered ‘white America’ speech in Warsaw.

You can’t make this stuff up.  CNN White House reporter, correction propagandist, Jeff Zeleny had the audacity to state that President Donald Trump’s speech last week in Warsaw, Poland was a white America only speech.

In other words, non-whites do not believe in America first.  Number 1, to imply such is biased and number 2, no wonder CNN is failing.  Such a remark is an insult to all especially those stupid enough to drink the kool-aid.

The Washington Times by Douglas Ernst

CNN’s Jeffrey Zeleny says President Trump’s trip to Poland included a “white America” speech.

Mr. Trump’s defense of Western civilization while in Warsaw was the topic of conversation among “Inside Politics” experts on Sunday. Chief national correspondent John King asked guests what they learned about president’s worldview, which prompted Mr. Zeleny’s response.

“Thousands of thousands of people were waving American flags and Polish flags, but this is not a speech he could have given, really, anyplace else. This was a white America, America first kind of speech,” Mr. Zeleny, CNN’s senior White House correspondent, said. “He was offering a very stark view, actually, about, you know, migration, immigration, about other things. It wasn’t a modern-day speech, if you will. It was sort of a throwback speech…”

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Zeleny disgusts me.

Greg Gutfeld said it best.

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