Why President Trump Reaches We the People

Why President Trump Reaches We the People

My goodness! The media stories, the distress, the horrible things President Donald Trump said today – in particular those loathsome Twitter tweets…

Thus reads the malignant media’s headlines every day. Front page, even above the fold, sure to make page 1 or at least page 2 or 3 in the newspaper. Better yet, it’s a constant scroll on all the cable news networks, and his words are certainly discussed in detail (cliche: ad nauseam) during the evening newscasts by ABC, NBC, and CBS. Why the distress?

The answer is simple: We the People

It has occurred to me that this day is one of the most hated by the anti-American Left; they can find no joy in celebrating what they could not destroy.

July 4th, 2017 should be noted particularly in American history – at least in these modern liberal times, and as Vassar Bushmills often reminds us – it will depend on who writes the history books.

I, and many others, had doubts we would ever see or experience a REAL 4th of July celebration again – where we truly felt free and in control of our lives. Of course, we’re not completely there, but it sure feels a lot better than it has during the past several decades. Donald Trump brought us out of our foxholes and is leading the charge.

And don’t you just love that the elites are gnashing their teeth knowing that today, this day, we’re laughing and raising our flags proudly instead of being afraid to say we’re American and glad to support our President. Yes, they’ll still key our cars for a Trump bumper sticker, or take down our twitter accounts when we push some Lefties’ buttons, or physically attack us if we dare to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat – but we’re still getting to them. How? Because we’re fighting back. When the Soros funded protests take place, we now see supporters from pro-America groups show up – President Trump supporters, but more importantly, people from all walks of life in this country show up – people who love America[…]

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