CNN Doxxes, Blackmails the WWE Gif Redditor, Extorts an Apology

CNN Doxxes, Blackmails the WWE Gif Redditor, Extorts an Apology

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President Trump recently tweeted a gif of a WWE joke match featuring Trump beating up CNN in a wrestling match. CNN tracked down the creator of the original gif on reddit though it was not the gif tweeted by the President. CNN actually thinks this is news.

The media outlet then threatened the creator with exposure. The man followed up with a long apology, begging forgiveness. CNN appears to have blackmailed the man. #CNNBlackmail is trending worldwide. This should ruin CNN. It’s not the first time they’ve done it.

What CNN did is a crime, brought to everyone’s attention by Julian Assange which you can read about on this link. This isn’t journalism, it’s revenge and it’s blackmail.

The redditor’s handle was HanA**holeSolo.

When the redditor was cornered by CNN, he “seemed nervous” and asked that his identity “not be revealed” for fear of his “personal safety and for the “public embarrassment” it would bring to him and his family, according to CNN.


Read these next two paragraphs proudly published by CNN in which they threaten to reveal his identity should he exercise his First Amendment rights again[…]

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