Trump Can Restore the Monroe Doctrine and Save Thousands of Lives

Trump Can Restore the Monroe Doctrine and Save Thousands of Lives

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Independent Sentinel by Bob Bennett

In 2013, then-secretary of state Kerry said: “The era of the Monroe Doctrine is over … That’s worth applauding. That’s not a bad thing.” Why is it not a bad thing? Perhaps because that administration had consistently handed the advantage to America’s enemies. A good example is Obama’s doing nothing about Iran’s alleged building of a missile site in Venezuela, reported in 2011. (See below.)

Abrogating the Monroe Doctrine clearly endorses building such a site, or anything else Iran chooses to do in the Western Hemisphere. The sanctions held the project back, while Kerry was working on the Iran deal; now that it’s finished, it allows Iran to work with ballistic missiles, so this site and others can now be completed.

Meanwhile, Venezuelans face starvation and sickness following the total economic collapse of the country’s Socialist system. Government-control of businesses, and its complete failure to provide food and medical supplies to the people “has led to Venezuelans killing flamingos, anteaters, and even zoo animals for food in a desperate search for protein,” said Forbes, adding that “Food shortages have resulted in the average daily caloric intake dropping to well below 2,000 calories per day….”

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