Alabama high school pulls Conservative Teacher’s summer reading list

Alabama high school pulls Conservative Teacher’s summer reading list

Republican teacher, Gene Ponder, a teacher of AP Government/Economics of Spanish Fort High School, Alabama is under fire for posting a summer reading list for students online which had books authored by Conservatives and Libertarians such as Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, President Ronald Reagan, John Stossel, Walter Williams, C. Mason Weaver, Glenn Beck, etc.


(No doubt these Communist parents would have preferred something more in line with the five pillars of Islam.)

The Washington Times by Jessica Chesmar

An Alabama high school has pulled a teacher’s summer reading list after people complained it only contained conservative and right-leaning texts….

People complained that the assignment was highly partisan and the school agreed, saying Mr. Ponder’s list would not be used in class.

“As the school board rep for the SF area, I saw a concern and addressed it with the superintendent,” Baldwin County Board of Education President Shannon Cauley said in a statement, News Today reported. “As a courtesy, the school principal called to let me know that the list had been removed and assignment cancelled. He’ll be sending an email to all senior students/parents to notify them that there will be no summer reading assignment for this AP government class…”

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Judging from the hysteria of the vindictive, intolerant left, it is open warfare on Ponder who is now accused of indoctrination.  Indoctrination?  Funny how the left is levying allegations of indoctrination when it is they who are brainwashing and destroying the minds of America’s youth.

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