6 Schools That Can’t Produce One Student Proficient in English or Math

6 Schools That Can’t Produce One Student Proficient in English or Math

The halls of Frederick Douglass High School

A Project Baltimore investigation has found five Baltimore City high schools and one middle school do not have a single student proficient in the state tested subjects of math and English. These are the dumbed-down Common Core tests.

Despite the fact that the students are illiterate, many are on track to pass and graduate. At least half will graduate.

Following are the schools failing the children in what can only be described as a national disgrace:

  • Booker T. Washington Middle School
  • Frederick Douglass High School
  • Achievement Academy at Harbor City
  • New Era Academy
  • Excel Academy at Francis M. Wood High
  • New Hope Academy
  • There are schools like this throughout the nation, mostly in our cities.

High school students are tested by the state in math and English. Their scores place them in one of five categories – a four or five is considered proficient and one through three are not. At Frederick Douglass, 185 students took the state math test last year and 89 percent fell into the lowest level. Just one student approached expectations and scored a three.

One student who did graduate and who struggled despite all odds to become proficient said that he thinks the students aren’t proficient because they aren’t learning what’s on the tests[…]

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