#GA06 Remembered the Meaning of Carpetbagger

#GA06 Remembered the Meaning of Carpetbagger

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Karen Handel won yesterday’s GA-06 Special Election. A brief few thoughts are to be noted; they are a follow-up to Vassar Bushmills’ analysis in his, “How Long Can Karen Handel Hold her Seat After Winning GA-06?”

Post election, I would like to add some additional thoughts. Karen Handel did win yesterday; here are some pertinent numbers: “Georgia 6th went 52.5% Handel, 47.5% Ossoff, i.e. Handel won by 2.5% more than President Trump won the District in November.”

My take, which reinforces Mr. Bushmills’ earlier analysis:

This increase in percentage of her win in a Special Election vs Trump’s performance in the District in November is actually more significant than many people may realize. Special election turnouts are often well below the General Election numbers; it’s obvious the GOP (Establishment AND Trump supporters) turned out for this election. This bodes well for 2018 and 2020. We aren’t going anywhere, and Donald Trump is gaining.

One significant caveat to this: if Handel, who did the right thing, thanking President Trump, (his family lent their names, too, on Social Media several times in recent days) helps get his agenda going, she’ll be reelected in 2018. If she goes to DC and doesn’t “help” – they will primary her in this heavily Republican District. I say this because it’s clear the people are not apathetic or passive about these elections, (which typically is the case) instead, they’re paying close attention[…]

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