SC school district hires consultant for $1,000 per day — to find wasteful spending!

SC school district hires consultant for $1,000 per day — to find wasteful spending!

What sense is to hire an efficiency expert or consultant to find the waste in your department for $1,000 a day?  Enter the Sumpter County School District in Sumter, South Carolina known for their excesses, waste and a $6 million plus budget shortfall.

EAG News by Victor Skinner

…An anonymous letter sent to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office and the Sumter County School Board alleges high-level school district employees are scamming the system, and calls out district consultant Scott Allan’s $1,000-per-day arrangement to investigate the district’s $6.2 million budget shortfall, WISTV reports.

The district hired Allan in January to work three days per week through the spring to “analyze the district’s internal financial controls and management processes and to recommend to the board changes to ensure the District’s financial integrity moving forward, explain the reasons for the district’s current condition, advise the board on reduction of expenses for this year, and closely monitor the district’s cash position at all times,” according to district records.

“He also will assist the district’s finance staff in implementing systemic controls and advise the board on next year’s budget,” according to WISTV[…]

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You can’t make this stuff up.

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