Personal Data of 198 Million Americans Exposed from Unsecure GOP Server

Personal Data of 198 Million Americans Exposed from Unsecure GOP Server

Good grief.  The Republican Party can get jack right.  Earlier today, the personal data of 198 million Republican voters from an unsecured private Amazon server.

The data leaked:  names, addresses, telephone number, voter registration details and profiling information such as religious affiliation, ethnicity, etc.

The Daily Caller by Phil Stucky

Amazon hosted the private server, and Republican data analytics firm Deep Root Analytics provided and managed the content. UpGuard cyber risk analyst Chris Vickery first discovered the leak, according to the report from ZDNET….

The compromised server also included data from conservative market research firm TargetPoint. The group uses their extensive data to help clients better understand voter policy preferences and political actions, according to the report.

“The data that was accessed was, to the best of our knowledge proprietary information as well as voter data that is publicly available and readily provided by state government offices[….]

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