Dear Deep State,weak kneed Republicans and Never Trumpers

Dear Deep State,weak kneed Republicans and Never Trumpers

The swamp underestimates, we the people, to their detriment.  That includes the deep state.

Trump: The American Years by The Raspberry Palace

If you think for a second we’re going to allow you to remove a duly elected legitimate President that WE put in office you are badly mistaken.The Deep State knew the Trump-Russia collusion story was bunk. The media LIED to the American people for months.Only the easily manipulated and ignorant fell for it-you figured they would.The Republicans, as weak kneed as many of them are, let the President stand alone and take the attacks. I’ve got news for them too. We like VP  Pence.He was a great pick by Mr Trump but we did not vote for him for President. We put Trump at the top  of the ticket. 

Now that the first lie failed miserably you’ve got Mueller in place and you’re going to try and find the next great lie to hang on the President.If you think you can force him  to resign you’ve lost it.We’ve got his back. If you think you can weaken his presidency  and impede his agenda, you will only strengthen his resolve and our support will remain.We are not only  steadfast but we get even stronger.Finally,if you actually manage to remove him from office the Republic is over and we will do whatever it takes to destroy you.We will hold the media just as responsible.They will rue the day[…]

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