Taking Down The President

Taking Down The President

Cry and Howl by Steve Pini

Hello folks! I realized that I haven’t been blogging  much lately and really, I do have a lot to say about stuff, it’s just finding the energy to write. I think what makes it difficult is the pace in which the left continue their attacks and from every angle. These guys are some very obsessed sons of bitches and are focused on bringing Trump down. I wish there was something we (the people) could do about the media and their lying and treasonous ‘reporting.’ I mean folks what the media is doing to President Trump and the United States is nothing short of sedition.  Here’s some of what we’re seeing …

AFP The special counsel overseeing the probe into Russia’s alleged meddling in the US election is looking at whether President Donald Trump tried to obstruct justice, The Washington Post reported Wednesday, citing unnamed officials.

Donald Trump has been president for six (6) months now and every day we read where there are new “investigations” and “probes” into possible wrong doings by President Trump or any one even remotely associated with him.  I have to ask, “Why?” Why are we sitting back and letting this happen? Why are conservatives in states in which the elected representatives are being paid to obstruct the president not doing anything to stop it? Every day there are articles giving us poll numbers of Americans who want to see Trump impeached. I’m not getting this. Do American families get up in the morning and sit around with their families waiting for the phone to ring so they can get on the list? It’s fucking bizarre! The left has let us know they are not letting up. The frightening part about this whole destroy Trump thing is the left controls the media[…]

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