Chris Matthews and his Democrat Party of Hate

Chris Matthews and his Democrat Party of Hate

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Yesterday’s events left many of us shaken to the core, but I’m not going to say we’re surprised. There is no surprise to be found in what transpired in the shooting of Republican Congressmen playing baseball.

I’ll be writing future articles about the Democrats, society and the human condition. But tonight, via Weasel Zippers, I caught a statement by Chris Matthews of MSNBC. It was so egregious it should be addressed immediately. Matthews said on his “Hardball” show tonight:

“We don’t know what sadness was in Alexandria shooter’s life.

Mr. Matthews, we don’t care. We all have sadness and loss. We’ve all suffered in life. Millions suffered and have been suffering under Democrat RULE for decades in this country. Barack Obama worked diligently to kill the spirit of America, and almost succeeded. He did succeed in destroying decent health care at affordable prices for the majority of us.

Let me tell you about the source of the man’s angst, Chris Matthews. It’s you and your cohorts in the malignant media fomenting hate 24/7/365 days a year against conservatives, people of faith, Republicans, supporters of Donald Trump, and anyone else not in lockstep with your rabid ideology. (This behavior has been demonstrated against other GOP presidents, so it’s not just about Donald Trump, though you’ll all rush to blame him. He is just the current flavor of the month. Remember the 8 years of Bush bashing.)

The malignant media has been the vehicle and enforcer for all things Democrat for years. It also makes Chris Matthews and the rest of the alphabet #FAKENEWS suppliers complicit in the events that unfolded yesterday[…]

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  1. kookooracharabioso

    I’ve been reading comments elsewhere & people trying to blame Trump for what happened because of all the hate he puts out & violence he promotes. What? Did the fake news hide it from me?

    1. Good evening kookooracharabios,

      Progressives are accusing our President of that which they themselves, from Barack Obama down are guilty.

      It is unbelievable that they refuse to recognize their role in this failed assassination by one of their own domestic terrorists.

      1. kookooracharabioso

        Just my opinion but to me it looks like the fruit of the many decades use of that evil pseudo science – sikeology. Not being able to keep up and just not “getting it” makes me feel OLD. I personally own many mixed feelings about the “incident.” If he had gotten away with it – then what? And on-line comments saying all over that Trump should have gotten those bullets – OMG! How much of this delusion is demographic? I’m so glad I left the NY area all those decades ago because the culture there had my brain bent too & it’s taken a long long time to recover from it.

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