Woman pepper-sprayed at Berkeley riot files $23 million lawsuit

Woman pepper-sprayed at Berkeley riot files $23 million lawsuit

Kiara Robles, the young lady who was assaulted and peppered spray earlier this year during anti-free speech riots against Milo Yiannopoulos by Antifa fascists at UC-Berkeley (video below) has filed a $23M lawsuit against Berkeley among others.

Robles is also a student attending Berkeley, a point conveniently overlooked by law enforcement who did not protect Robles and other Conservative students and the university did not protect her right to free speech as well.

Campus Reform

Now, Robles is targeting her school and 18 other individuals or organizations in a lawsuit filed Monday, seeking damages of up to $23 million.

“She was assaulted. The California university system, and in part, Berkeley, is out of control, and they’re facilitating, if not inciting, violence, and the campus police sit around twiddling their thumbs,” Larry Klayman, an attorney with Freedom Watch who is representing Robles, told SFGATE.

“We want justice for Kiara,” he added, noting that the lawsuit targets the school’s police department, Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, President Janet Napolitano and Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin, but also House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and business magnate George Soros, according to a press release on the case.

The press release explains that the complaint alleges “a number of causes of action, including civil rights violations, First and Fourth Amendment violations, equal protection violation[…]

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Let the lawsuits begin.


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