Congressional Democrats Fight to Stop a New Network They Say Is Conservative

Congressional Democrats Fight to Stop a New Network They Say Is Conservative

A left-wing net neutrality group and congressional Democrats are trying to stop the formation of a new network that will be more in line with Fox News than CNN.

An anti-consolidation group Free Press is urging supporters to tell the FCC to block the Sinclair-Tribune Merger.

If Sinclair succeeds in the $3.9 billion dollar merger, they would own more than 200 local-TV stations reaching more than 70 percent of the country.

There is a point to be made about monopolies but it only seems to apply when it’s conservatives consolidating. That’s really what the so-called Free Press is afraid of.

The Sinclair family are conservative but they deny tilting news one way or the other.

Sinclair president Chris Ripley said in a B & C interview, “That’s just patently false. We produce over 2,000 hours of news a week, and with Tribune it will be probably over 3,000 hours, and the notion that we are centrally influencing or controlling that is preposterous. Local news doesn’t have a bunch of opinion pieces; it doesn’t tilt one way or another[…]

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