Krauthammer: It’s ‘dangerous’ to consider invoking 25th Amendment

Krauthammer: It’s ‘dangerous’ to consider invoking 25th Amendment

The D.C. swamp is overrun with Progressives, NeverTrumpers, the Deep State and the mainstream media who have come up with a dozen scenarios to remove President Donald Trump from the White House.

One of the more popular tactics to destroy and remove the President from office is the 25th Amendment.  How ironic is it that those who lack respect for the Constitution would use it against those they despise.

In a video run on the Washington Post, Charles Krauthammer delivers a message to those about their invoking the 25th Amendment.

The Blaze by Sarah Taylor

In a video published by The Washington Post, Krauthammer broke down what the 25th Amendment does — and should not do — and called politicians threatening to invoke the amendment “dangerous.”

…“Rank incompetence is not qualification for inability to perform,” Krauthammer began his video, addressing those tossing around the idea of invoking the 25th Amendment. “We shouldn’t even think about invoking the 25th Amendment — which is procedure for removing the president for inability to perform.”

“That is meant for strokes,” Krauthammer added. “That is meant for heart attacks, that is meant for florid psychosis, that is meant for extreme emergencies that we should hope we should never have to face….”

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